The Dangers Opioid Overdose Survivors Face

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The Opioid Crisis: A Nation in Peril

Examining the Devastating Impact, Overdoses and Alarming Mortality Rates

The opioid crisis has left millions of Americans addicted.

It has also led to hundreds of thousands of overdoses.

Surviving Overdose: New Hope, New Challenges

And even when addicts survive an overdose – they still face staggeringly high odds (130 times greater) of dying from related causes.

Just what are some of those causes?

  • HIV
  • Chronic respiratory disease
  • Viral hepatitis
  • Suicide

Addicts are 45 times more likely to die from HIV than the general population.  They are also 40 times more likely to die from chronic respiratory disease, 30 times more likely to die of viral hepatitis, and 25 times more likely to commit suicide[i].

And here’s the critical point. 

Thanks to new drug interventions for victims of an overdose, more people than ever are surviving their overdose.

That means that more and more Americans are joining a medically frail, high-risk population of patients – a ticking time bomb for U.S. healthcare.

So, what’s to be done?

The Urgent Need for Comprehensive Treatment

If lives by the tens of thousands are to be saved, new treatment methods must be pursued to care for each addict and their families. 

A Call for Action: Redefining Addiction Care

Addiction is not an acute condition – like the flu or bronchitis.  It must be treated as a chronic disease.

And in the case of those addicted to opioids (as well as other substances), that means addressing each addict’s full range of physical and mental health problems.

To do any less relegates a generation of Americans to a life of debilitating disease and an early grave.

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