Meet the Aware Alumni community

Recovery is lifelong

Luckily, you’ll have the support of fellow travelers.

Aware Recovery Care’s yearlong program surrounds you with community and support—and thankfully, none of this vanishes when you “graduate.” But instead of having a care team, you’ll now have the warm and welcoming fellowship of Aware’s Alumni network available to you.

The Aware Alumni community consists of former clients who have completed the program and now seek camaraderie in their continued journey of recovery. It’s available to members at no cost—offering a safe environment where people can connect both virtually and in-person.

The Alumni community lets you:

Build connections with others in recovery

Share experiences, resources, and community supports

Attend events, socialize, have fun, and network

Give back with volunteer opportunities

Help yourself and others sustain a safe, healthy lifestyle

a community of support
Aware Alumni

Alumni events are designed to best fit the needs and interests of members in various regions, and often include:

  • Weekly virtual meetings
  • In-person hikes, bowling, and more
  • Pizza nights, picnics, or BBQs
  • Mindfulness and meditation practice groups
  • Yoga
  • Sound healing
  • Peer education groups
  • Speakers
  • Donation and volunteer drives
  • A private Facebook group
  • Networking platforms
  • Ambassador and peer support roles

Connect with Aware Alumni

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