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We don’t just drop you back into the “real world"...
Because you never leave it.

Lasting recovery from addiction is possible. We bring holistic, compassionate, and evidence-based care to you, so you have the best chance to achieve sustainable recovery.

What does this mean for our clients?

In-home addiction treatment for individuals

You do not have to leave home

We tailor our In-Home Addiction Treatment (IHAT) plan to your needs, and we offer a unique hybrid of both virtual and in-home care team visits.

In-home Addiction Treatment for loved ones

All treatment comes to you

We utilize vetted technologies and evidence-based treatments to ensure a path to health for each of our clients.

In-home addiction treatment for healthcare providers

Your risks are minimized

The IHAT model allows for protection from the risks of disease transmission common to more traditional group settings.

Your treatment, your way

We offer a full continuum of home-based treatments including: psych evaluation, medication bridges, medication-assisted treatment (MAT), individual and family therapy, medical and behavioral healthcare coordination by a licensed nurse or social worker, and more.

A circle of care with you at the center

My advisor and I began building my recovery blueprint
0 %
completion rate achieved by Aware clients at 90 days, compared to 32% in traditional programs [2]
0 %
of participants were drug and alcohol-free at 90 days based on UA toxicology screens [2]
0 %
fewer emergency department admissions during the 6–12 months after Aware treatment, compared to the year before clients entered Aware [3]
Step 1

Program introduction & education

Once you’ve committed to the program and discussed financial obligations, it’ll be time to meet your team! We’ll arrive at your home at an agreed-upon time so you can begin to establish a personal connection with your Care Coordinator and two Client Recovery Advisors. During your first visit, we’ll give you an indepth overview of our program and help you identify family or friends you want to include in your recovery journey. While we work on transforming your home into a treatment center, we’ll also schedule the next few weeks of visits.

“This is the way I always wanted to live.”​

Strategic action

Your Care Coordinator will develop and maintain your treatment plan, including scheduling your psychiatric evaluation and identifying any necessary outside providers if you do not already have outside providers in place (Primary Care Provider, Individual Therapist, or Medical Specialists).  During the Aware program you’ll meet virtually with a Psychotherapist who will help you with issues like managing stress, improving self-esteem and self-compassion, communication skills, and addressing negative thought patterns. Your Psychotherapist will work with you and your Care Team to identify and support your unique needs and goals. 

“So many resources and support all around me.”

Step 3

Family systems awareness and support

Addiction is a family disease. We provide support for your family through a Family Education Facilitator who offers general education about the recovery process, encourages self-care, and connects you and your family to family recovery resources.

"I have confidence that my family can heal as well."

Step 4

Enhancement of life skills

Addiction impacts every aspect of life, and recovery can, too. Crucial to long-term recovery is the ability to successfully navigate relationships at home, work, and school. Your Client Recovery Advisors will help you with goal setting and community assimilation, connecting you to community recovery resources to achieve your goals in many areas of wellness including: Educational, Occupational, Physical, Spiritual, Legal , and Social. 

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