“I Wouldn’t Be Writing This Without You…”

Study - Follow-up Treatments After Opioid Overdose Are Rare

Abby is the reason we do what we do*.

She wanted to be there for her 15-year-old daughter, but her next drink could be her last. A 37-year-old Indiana woman, Abby came to Aware Recovery Care after hospitalization for alcohol-related hepatitis, cirrhosis, ascites, and liver failure.

Her kidneys were failing, ascites bloated her stomach, and her cirrhotic liver was in danger of shutting down. As part of the integrated team dedicated to her care, Aware’s care coordinator reviewed her history and immediately collaborated with her primary care physician to develop a plan focusing on appointment and dietary compliance. Unwilling at first, her Certified Recovery Advisor (CRA) asked if she could accompany her to her doctor appointments. She agreed. This step opened the door to a more effective connection between her doctors and the Aware team and helped integrate medical treatment into her overall care plan.

With the Aware team’s support, Abby’s medically supervised withdrawal at home was successful. She reconnected with her physicians and specialists, followed a prescribed dietary program, and began to build a life of sobriety. Gradually, her lab results began to improve. When her medical team determined that she didn’t need a liver transplant, she could finally see a way back to life—as long as she maintained abstinence and her new health regimen. Abby conveyed her gratitude to Aware and her life-changing year at home in a note to her Aware team.

“I am living and breathing today because you saw something in me I didn’t know existed. Thank you.”

Aware Recovery Care began as a small team helping a few clients in Connecticut. The overwhelming success of our model of treatment inspired us to continue our work. Today, Aware Recovery Care is helping people like Abby in nine states. With hard work – we hope someday to serve people who need us in all 50.

If you’re struggling with an addiction to alcohol and/or drugs and need help in Maine, New Hampshire, Massachusetts, Connecticut, Rhode Island, Virginia, Florida, Ohio, or Indiana, the recovery teams at Aware Recovery Care are here to help. Our unique model of care gives clients a significantly better chance of recovery when compared to traditional inpatient rehab care. To learn more, please get in touch with one of our Recovery Specialists.

*Name changed to protect patient privacy.