Disturbing New Data On Substance Abuse in America

serious dad with his young son

The Kaiser Family Foundation (KFF) has just published a survey on drug and alcohol use in America[i] – and the numbers are disturbing.

According to the survey, two-thirds of U.S. adults say “either they or a family member have been addicted to alcohol or drugs, experienced homelessness due to addiction, or experienced a drug overdose leading to an emergency room visit, hospitalization, or death.”

Almost one-third of the respondents admit that they or a family member have, at some point, been addicted to prescription or illegal opioids. Fifty-four percent report that they or a family member have, at some point, been addicted to alcohol.

Thirty-nine percent of U.S. adults worry that someone in their family will unintentionally ingest fentanyl.

Confirming what dozens of other studies have shown, the problem of substance abuse remains an equal opportunity employer in America, impacting all ages, income levels, and races – with those living in rural areas reporting slightly higher levels of abuse.

As for treatment, fewer than half of those reporting problems with substance abuse have received treatment of any kind.

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[i] https://www.kff.org/other/poll-finding/kff-tracking-poll-july-2023-substance-use-crisis-and-accessing-treatment/