Another Grim Pandemic Milestone

Another Grim Pandemic Milestone

Researchers at Michigan Medicine have just published new data on the pandemic and alcohol abuse.

They report that registrations for the national organ transplant waiting list tied to alcoholic hepatitis and actual liver transplants for alcohol-related inflammatory liver disease rose dramatically during the pandemic.

How dramatically?

Each rose by 50% over the predicted volume.

The findings are in JAMA Network Open.

The lead study author, Maia S. Anderson, M.D., a general surgery resident at Michigan Medicine, had this to say about the data:

“While we cannot confirm causality, this study provides evidence for an alarming increase in alcoholic hepatitis associated with known increases in alcohol misuse during COVID-19. And it highlights the need for public health interventions around excessive alcohol consumption.”

Alcoholic hepatitis is alcohol-induced inflammation of the liver causing liver cell damage and death and is caused by heavy drinking on a long-term basis.

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