A Parent’s Story

A Parent's Story

Terri Facchini is a mother with an adult child in Aware’s program. Here is her story…

“My daughter is an only child, and I love her dearly. A couple of years ago, she began dating a guy who proved to be abusive, manipulative, and an alcoholic. She didn’t have the strength to resist his influence, and she, too, began to drink. She’s now an alcoholic.

Things got so bad that she told me she wanted to kill herself… that she didn’t want to live.

At first, I tried to help her in every way possible, but the challenge was overwhelming. Then her therapist suggested Aware Recovery Care.

It was truly a blessing that Aware came into her life and mine. It was like the heavens opened to us.

The leader of our Aware team is a woman named Cori. She’s been so helpful to my daughter. She’s also been tremendously helpful to me.

The entire team has been there for us and helped us realize we aren’t alone… that life can be challenging for any of us at any time, and it’s ok.

I know some probably think they could handle having a family member slip into an addiction to drugs or alcohol… and they could do it alone. I’m here to tell you it’s nearly impossible.

One of the great things about Aware is they meet you where you are. They come to your house. They work with us where we are most comfortable. They also encouraged me to be part of the recovery process for my child. They’ve given me access to my daughter’s care team – making me a partner in her recovery. They’ve also helped me develop parenting skills appropriate for an adult child, skills I need to help my daughter – and myself – including how to set healthy boundaries.

My daughter and I are getting better and stronger because of Aware. They’re giving us the support and the tools we need to heal.

Aware is worth more than I can ever say, and I’m forever grateful to them. I hope someday I get to sit with the entire Aware team and thank them.”

Terri, your story is beautiful, and we thank you for sharing it because it will help others.

If you have a family member struggling with an addiction to alcohol and/or drugs and need help in Maine, New Hampshire, Massachusetts, Connecticut, Rhode Island, Virginia, Florida, Ohio, or Indiana, the recovery teams at Aware Recovery Care are here to help. Our unique model of care gives clients and their families a significantly better chance of recovery when compared to traditional inpatient rehab care. To learn more, please get in touch with one of our Recovery Specialists.