Detox at Home

Take the first step toward healing with expertly administered, home-based care.

The fear of experiencing withdrawal symptoms can stop many people from embarking on a life-changing recovery journey – but it doesn’t have to be that way.

Aware Recovery Care’s Virtual Detox program, also known as Ambulatory Detox, lets you begin your recovery safely, in the comfort of your home, under the support of a compassionate and understanding provider who works with you on your own terms.

We offer caring, kind Ambulatory Detox delivered virtually, so you don’t need to uproot your life and relocate to a clinic or hospital. You’ll get the privacy you need, alone with one-on-one attention from our expertly trained clinicians who truly understand and care about your recovery and well-being.

Is Virtual Detox available near you?

At this time, Aware Recovery Care is providing Virtual Detox in Connecticut, GeorgiaIndiana, Kentucky, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Ohio, and Virginia. We plan to add this treatment option in all states we serve as soon as possible.

Access to Virtual Detox is determined by a clinical assessment.

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How it works:

Client and staff safety is our top priority during the in-home detox process.

Speak to an Aware Recovery Specialist

When you call to speak to one of our care specialists you will complete an assessment to determine your eligibility.

You can start your detox within 24 hours

If our clinical team determines that you are eligible for virtual, in-home Ambulatory Detox, we will get you started as soon as possible.

In-home addiction treatment for healthcare providers

During the Ambulatory Detox process, you’ll have a daily virtual appointment with a provider so you can discuss your progress and receive support. 

Detox treatment can take 5-7 days on average

Typically, the detox program lasts 5-7 days. After this period, many clients choose to receive continued support through our In-Home Addiction Treatment or Medication Assisted Treatment programs.

Why choose Virtual Detox at home:


Comfort & Safety

You detox at home where you feel safest & most secure. Your safety is our number one priority.


Compassionate Care

You can trust that your Aware provider is kind, compassionate, and judgement free.


Expert Care

You can feel supported and trust that you’re headed in the right direction with providers who specialize in Substance Use Disorder treatment.


Individualized Treatment

Your medical withdrawal plan is tailored to your needs with access to evidence-based medications.


Privacy & Confidentiality

Detoxing at home is private & discreet. Aware is also HIPAA compliant, ensuring security and confidentiality.



Your virtual appointments can be scheduled at a time that is convenient for you and that works around your career and family commitments.


Family Support

Detoxing at home, you remain connected to and supported by your loved ones.

Start living the life you want.

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