Enhance your practice

Collaborate on Substance Use Disorder (SUD) patient care with our seasoned team of in-home addiction treatment professionals.

Connect your office with their home

When you combine your office sessions with Aware’s specialized care teams, your patients develop the skills needed for lasting change. Aware Recovery Care provides evidence-based, medically integrated behavioral health care that can enhance your therapeutic relationships and extend them beyond the confines of the office. Aware’s dedicated and specialized care teams integrate into a patient’s life and get a global view by going inside the home and observing family dynamics, lifestyle, nutritional habits, and more.

“Without purpose, there is no recovery.”

Heidi, a 54-year-old wife, mother, and grandmother, found out firsthand that recovery from opioid addiction can take place right in her own living room. Anthem’s growing collaboration with Aware Recovery Care – now in Connecticut, Florida, Indiana, Kentucky, Maine, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Ohio, Rhode Island, and Virginia – provides innovative, home-based care strategies that meet people where they are and help minimize relapse.

Create lasting change

For patients who have been in residential treatment, Aware provides an opportunity to practice the valuable lessons learned —in the real world. Aware is a smart choice for those at the end of their inpatient stay who would benefit from a longer-term path to health and success. We also help people who have tried support groups and other means of self-care but require more intensive support for lasting change.

Why different is good

Research shows that in-home, one-on-one treatment maximizes clinical outcomes, patient retention, and engagement. Armed with the latest in clinical best practices enhanced by over a decade with vetted technologies, our mobile care teams are specially trained to deliver the in-home addiction treatment curriculum. We speak your language, too. Your communications will be collaboratively coordinated through a medical and/or behavioral health Case Manager working closely with certified addiction professionals supporting your client’s real-world needs.

Aware is well-managed care

True collaboration allows Aware to break down barriers between fragmented and siloed providers. Often described by our partners as a way to “get [our] clients the right amount of healthcare,” we pride ourselves on our ability to connect worlds that typically live apart. Each Aware client has a Primary Care Physician, Individual Therapist, Family Therapist, and Psychiatrist. For those clients who come to Aware with existing providers, their providers will become part of the care team. For those who do not, care teams will be integrated with community-based providers to ensure lasting therapeutic relationships.

Insurance companies are aligning

Healthcare plans appreciate evidence-based practices with results that far outpace those of standard substance use disorder treatments. Aware’s success means fewer emergency room, RTC, PHP, and hospital readmissions. As a result, private health insurers are now providing full or partial reimbursements for Aware Recovery Care. Aware is an in-network provider for Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield of Connecticut, New Hampshire, & Maine, Blue Cross Blue Shield of Massachusetts, Tufts Health Plan, Blue Cross Blue Shield of Rhode Island, Florida Blue, Beacon, Unicare, and Blue Cross Blue Shield Federal Employee Program.

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