Drug Overdose Deaths in America Continue Rising

Drug Overdose Deaths in America Continue Rising

The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s National Center for Health Statistics has just released stunning new data.

For the 12 months covering March 2020-March 2021, there were 96,779 drug overdose deaths in America.

That’s an increase of over 26% year over year.

And that’s only a provisional estimate. The CDC believes the actual final number may be closer to 99,000.

According to this report, opioids were responsible for the greatest number of overdose deaths, followed by synthetic opioids (excluding methadone).

All but three U.S. states saw increases in overdose deaths.

Most experts suggest that the pandemic’s stress, with its combination of isolation, economic uncertainty, and despair, are to blame for the tragic rise in drug-related deaths.

And even with these chilling new numbers, physicians continue to prescribe opioids to surgical patients without proper oversight, COVID-19 long-haulers, and others.

Put simply, this problem is a national tragedy.

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