Could Sound Waves Help Reduce Cocaine Cravings?

pensive young man

Researchers at the University of Virginia (UVA) are studying a novel approach to managing cocaine addiction. They’re experimenting with using ultrasound waves to target a key region of the brain known to control cravings.

It’s hoped this novel treatment will allow physicians to reprogram brain cells, leading to a reduction in those cravings. UVA is a leader in novel ultrasound treatments for a range of medical conditions.

In this trial, university researchers will gently massage cells in a brain region called the insula using focused sound waves. The insula is located deep in the cerebral cortex and is known to play a role in cocaine cravings. The researchers will then look to see if chemical changes have occurred that reduce those cravings.

Studies such as this one are important because, currently, there are no FDA-approved drugs to treat cocaine addiction. If the treatment proves successful, it’s possible that someday, patients addicted to cocaine will be able to receive a simple outpatient procedure to curb their cravings.

Adults 18 and older are currently being recruited for the trial.

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