Could Family Therapy Be the Missing Key to Recovery Success?

Could Family Therapy Be the Missing Key to Recovery Success?

Anyone struggling with addiction knows there are literally thousands of treatment options available in the U.S.

And if you’re battling addiction – the chances are also very good that you’ve tried a number of these options without achieving long-term abstinence.

Aware Recovery Care is the brainchild of addiction specialists at Yale University and elsewhere who sought to answer a simple question:  why do most addiction treatment programs fail to bring about sustained recovery?

Has it been because treatment centers are deploying the wrong tools in the fight?

Or is it because the correct tools have been improperly deployed?

After looking at the data for over a year, the researchers came to the conclusion that the answer lay with the latter.

The tools are available – they just needed to be bundled and delivered differently – with the clear understanding that drug and alcohol addiction are chronic diseases requiring long-term care.

And so Aware Recovery Care was born – a novel treatment program delivered discreetly to clients wherever they live and work in Connecticut and New Hampshire.

Now while there are a number ways Aware Recovery Care’s approach is different from all the others, it may be our family-centered approach that explains why clients seem to thrive in our care.

Every single client of Aware’s in Connecticut and New Hampshire is assigned a team that includes an Addiction Psychiatrist, a Licensed Specialty Care Coordinator, a Family Wellness Liason, A Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist, an Individual Therapist, and two Certified Recovery Advisors (CRATM).

The Family Wellness Liaison and the Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist play a really vital role each client’s recovery. They regularly meet with the client and their loved ones, they facilitate/mediate healthy communications between family members, and they identify and treat roadblocks within the family system.  Put simply – they provide support and much needed encouragement to everyone involved.

Why might this approach mean so much to client success?

The answer is perhaps quite simple. 

People with addictions often go away to treatment centers for care – and it’s easy to understand how they might thrive in a closely monitored environment away from home.

But why do they so often relapse on return to their home environments?

One reason appears to lie in the fact that the home environment is often loaded with the many triggers that led to addiction in the first place. And that’s where the family centered treatment approach makes an enormous difference.

By delivering care within a client’s living space, often with the client’s family fully engaged, Aware Recovery Care is able to help identify and remove the causative triggers that are often the root cause of addiction.

The result?

Better rates of sustained recovery – and far happier families.

If you are struggling with an addiction to drugs and/or alcohol and need help in Connecticut or New Hampshire, the recovery teams at Aware Recovery Care are here to help.  Our unique model of personalized, in-home care is giving clients a better chance of recovery when compared to traditional inpatient rehab care.  To learn more or to talk to one of our Recovery Specialists, visit