A Year in the Life of Aware

Young family

Navigating Recovery for Individuals and Families

Rebuilding Lives, One Step at a Time

Addiction takes a toll on every part of life, both for the person struggling with Substance Use Disorder and for the people who love them.

The impact of addiction can be seen in the physical, mental, and emotional health of our clients and their loved ones, as well as in the areas of work, finances, and spiritual well-being. Recovery is about rebuilding and healing a whole life, and that does not happen in a month or two.

Addiction is powerful, but so are families.

Clients and families can access a full year of treatment with Aware. The length of Aware’s program is based on the understanding that it can take up to a  year for the brain to heal from addiction, depending on the time length and severity of substance use.

Firsts are difficult and can be overwhelming and frightening even once a client has achieved and sustained abstinence for some time. The need for continued education and support does not stop when the substance use does. Happy times can be just as challenging as difficult times in early recovery.

The first time someone navigates holidays or seasons typically associated with drinking or using, anniversaries – both positive and painful of any kind can be triggering. Stressful times at work can also be triggers. Many families struggle to understand how to support their loved one when drinking and substance use is normalized and centered in gatherings. As our clients and their loved ones find different ways of being and celebrating, there is an enormous benefit to having a full care team’s guidance, support, and encouragement.

Guiding Families Through The Recovery Journey

Aware walks alongside our clients and their loved ones as the entire family system adjusts to the “new normal” of healing and recovery.

If you or a loved one, 18 years old or older, is struggling with an addiction to drugs and/or alcohol and need help in Maine, New Hampshire, Massachusetts, Connecticut, Rhode Island, Virginia, Georgia, Florida, Ohio, Kentucky, or Indiana, the recovery teams at Aware Recovery Care are here to help. And we come to you, regardless of where you live. Our unique in-home treatment model of care gives clients a significantly better chance of recovery than traditional inpatient rehab care. Please get in touch with one of our Addiction Recovery Specialists to learn more.