Young Adults

Find your recovery path as a young adult.

Aware offers a state-of-the-art alternative to traditional rehab care

Aware Recovery Care provides an opportunity for young adults 18+ to engage in addiction treatment services while staying in school, work, and/or at home. Our diverse staff allows us to match clients by age, gender, location, and story to our care team members.

The clinical team takes great care to assign teams the young adult client will be able to relate to, typically dynamic people with similar lived experiences. Teams will work with the client on recovery goals as well as life skills.

Family Involvement

As our clients engage in the recovery process, their families and loved ones are encouraged to pursue their own healing. Research and experience indicate that the healthier the family system becomes, the greater the chance that the client has for sustained recovery over time. Therefore, Aware Recovery Care's Family Wellness Department provides comprehensive virtual or in person Family Education Sessions and connects loved ones with Family Systems Therapy that can accommodate the family  and student's schedules, locations, and specific needs. By establishing the Home as the Treatment Center, families feel supported and are invited to become allies in the client's recovery. 

Who We Serve

We treat young adults, 18+ in the states listed below, in their current living environment that may include an academic setting, family home, a dorm room, or off-campus living.

  • Connecticut
  • Florida
  • New Hampshire
  • Massachusetts
  • Indiana
  • Maine
  • Rhode Island
  • Virginia
  • Ohio

What We Provide

Each Aware Recovery Care young adult client and family are assigned a treatment team that includes a Care Coordinator, Certified Recovery Advisors, and Family Wellness Facilitator. Teams will work with the client on recovery goals as well as life skills. The client and their family members will be matched with a Family Systems Therapy provider who can meet their specific needs.

The young adult treatment model requires that families will be intimately involved in the treatment process. While the treatment center is in the “home,” our treatment team members are also able to foster a sense of autonomy and independence with our young adult clients virtually and physically. The Family Wellness Professional assigned to the client’s care team will serve as liaison and support the family, while the Care Coordinators and Certified Recovery Advisors will work directly with the client. We are also able to collaborate and connect clients with:

Outside Clinical Care

Community Resource Collaboration

We guide our young adult clients and their families to community resources and can partner with the following:

  • Academic support services
  • Pro-social activities
  • Higher levels of care placements
  • Educational Consultants
  • On-Campus Extracurriculars
  • Young people’s self-help recovery meetings
  • Age-appropriate spirituality resources
  • Parent/Family support
  • Legal Resources
  • Career Goal and Life Skill Planning
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