Illicit and Prescribed Drugs

Drug addiction demands an innovative fix

Aware offers a state-of-the-art alternative to traditional rehab care

In the late 1990s, pharmaceutical companies assured the medical community that pain relievers like hydrocodone and oxycodone were safe. Sadly, we know now that they are highly addictive, and when misused, deadly. Even more troubling, they have become an avenue to addiction to heroin and a host of other opiates and stimulants.

Over-prescribing has created a crisis that requires evidence-based innovation like Aware's in-home program. Our dedicated Aware team helps clients execute their individual recovery plans, using a range of proven tools including 12-step programs, medically-assisted treatment (MAT), mindfulness, family therapy, nutrition, and yoga—among others.

Aware clients recover from a broad spectrum of addictions.

Up to twelve months, four phases, 1 client. You.

Our in-home addiction treatment model is not a linear process like most other treatment programs.

We take an individualized approach to address whatever needs our client has, and as their outside supports are strengthened, the number of visits with our team will decrease.

Here's How That Works:

Throughout the entire treatment process there will be many team meetings to ensure continued alignment with the client, the care team, the family, and their goals.

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