First Responders

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Aware offers a state-of-the-art alternative to traditional rehab care for first responders

Aware Recovery Care (ARC) provides high quality, safe, trauma-informed addiction treatment for First Responders and their families. Our diverse staff allows us to age, gender, location, and story match our care team members to all first responders while understanding their unique and individual needs.

First Responder Addiction Statistics

Specialty Integration with Aware Recovery Care Team:

The Aware Recovery Care staff is a diverse group that includes former First Responders that understand the specific needs of recovery for those in public safety. Our staff has developed services to aid in client recovery including wellness planning for stressful shift work, PTSD counseling, critical incident debriefing and suicide awareness. ARC will connect you to Certified Recovery Advisors who understand these specific needs and are skilled at guiding clients through the recovery process.

What We Provide:

The ARC Treatment Team works collaboratively with providers educated in the specific needs of First Responders. We work with our care team and provide support to the overall physical and mental health needs while the client focuses on recovery. 

Trauma is part of the job:

Aware Recovery Care allows First Responders to receive treatment for substance use disorder in the comfort and security of their home. Clients are also provided privacy while receiving treatment without the stigma and fear of peer and administrative knowledge of your recovery. First Responders run toward danger while others run away, no wonder Police, Fire, EMS, Correction Officers and others are at risk for substance abuse.

Family Involvement:

While it is a priority for clients to engage in the addiction treatment process, it is equally important that family members participate in a parallel recovery process. Being the spouse, child or loved one of a First Responder brings a unique set of sacrifices- missed birthdays, holidays and special events as well as their coming home after witnessing traumatic events. Our Family Systems Therapy provides support tailored to the dynamics of a First Responder Family Wellness at Aware includes increasing awareness of the vicarious trauma associated with their loved one’s profession.

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