Alcohol Addiction

America’s most lethal drug

Alcohol claims more lives than other drugs combined

One in eight American adults now meets diagnostic criteria for an alcohol-use disorder. A condition that kills 88,0001 people a year—more than all other drugs combined other than nicotine.2 

Beyond the cost in lives, heavy drinking negatively impacts brain function, contributes to heart disease, causes several liver diseases, damages the pancreas, and increases the likelihood of cancers of the mouth, throat, esophagus, stomach, colon, and breast.

Aware's Yale University inspired, evidence-based treatment has shown long-term, in-home care is a more effective way to treat chronic alcoholism.


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Up to twelve months, four phases, 1 client. You.

Our in-home addiction treatment model is not a linear process like most other treatment programs.

We take an individualized approach to address whatever needs our client has, and as their outside supports are strengthened, the number of visits with our team will decrease.

Here's How That Works:

Throughout the entire treatment process there will be many team meetings to ensure continued alignment with the client, the care team, the family, and their goals.

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