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Aware is a new way to fight an old foe.

Just say no to the status quo.

Every week, drug overdoses take more than 1,300 of our friends, co-workers, and, tragically, our children. *With only one in ten ever receiving any form of treatment.** And, it’s not just an opioid scourge. Alcohol addiction continues to climb and is twice as lethal. It's time to interrupt this terrible toll with evidence-based practices that build lasting recoveries and save lives.

The Aware in-home modality is a fresh way to combat addiction to both alcohol and drugs. Our long term in-home approach has shown dramatic results and earned the confidence of providers like Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield and many more.

Aware clients recover from a broad spectrum of addictions.


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** niaaa.nih.gov/publications/brochures-and-fact-sheets/alcohol-facts-and- statistics

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