Alicia Farrell, Ph.D.

Alicia Farrell, Ph.D.

Cognitive Psychologist, Founder of The Center of Mental Fitness & President of ClearView Consulting

Alicia Farrell, Ph.D. is an accomplished cognitive psychologist and founder of The Center for Mental Fitness & president of ClearView Consulting in the State of Connecticut. Having received her doctorate in lifespan developmental psychology from George Mason University in Fairfax, Virginia in 1999, Dr. Farrell is trained in cognitive development across the lifespan, with a specialty in adult development and aging. Dr. Farrell offers a very unique combination of academic training, a commitment to science and a real life, down to earth approach to staying healthy in mind and body, regardless of age or life circumstances.

Her life’s work is to educate and coach people, and organizations, on how to maximize brain power. Specifically, she conducts seminars, workshops and delivers keynote addresses on mental fitness, brain health, memory improvement, problem solving/decision making and overcoming fear in order to change behavior. She also has a private practice coaching individuals to solve problems in their lives. Dr. Farrell brings 20 years of expertise and passion to her work.

“My mission is to bring brain health, mental fitness and effective problem solving into the mainstream. We have a significant amount of control over how well our brains work but most people don’t know that and don’t have the information they need to improve or maintain their brain power throughout their lives. Who wants their bodies to outlast their brains? Not me! The work I do at the Center is grounded in science – no hocus pocus or snake oil allowed. What I teach and promote is scientifically established and I work hard to translate that information into practical knowledge and techniques that produce results.” – Alicia Farrell, Ph.D.

Contact: (860)575-9076