We Provide A Seamless Transition for Clients from Connecticut, New Hampshire, Southern Maine, and Southern Florida From In-patient Care To The Real World

Aware Recovery Care clients in Connecticut, New Hampshire, Southern Maine, and Southern Florida (Palm Beach and Broward Counties) oftentimes come to our program after completing a period of time in an in-patient treatment program.  For those folks, we believe that it’s imperative to provide a seamless transition from in-patient treatment onto the next stage of development.  This transition is frequently stressful.  At Aware Recovery Care, the true full continuum of drug and alcohol addiction treatment that we provide greatly improves clinical outcomes while delivering a long-term solution in the real world, at home where they live. This approach allows our clients to practice the valuable life-saving lessons that they first learned during their in-patient stay, ensuring the best possible chance to achieve and maintain long-term sobriety. 


Who We've Helped

Those Currently On The Tail-End Of Their Inpatient Stay

► Upon discharge from an inpatient setting, one client signed on with Aware Recovery Care and was motivated and committed to a future of a lasting recovery.

A middle-aged woman from Hartford County had been inpatient at a treatment center and was coming up at the ending stages of her stay. Her inpatient facility had given her the typical suggestions of 90 meetings in 90 days, advice to link up with and begin seeing a therapist, and advice to attend an intensive outpatient program. She had previously tried returning home with similar suggestions and found that she was unable to assimilate into her home without help. She had tried the typical Intensive Outpatient Program but found that she had trouble relating to people in her group, as she was older and of a different background. Committed to not making the same mistake twice and wishing to use the knowledge gained from her inpatient experience - she sought a different path. She mentioned Aware Recovery Care to her discharge planners and Case Managers and made arrangements to sign on with Aware Recovery Care upon her arrival home. The client is currently celebrating her fourth year of complete sobriety and is overwhelmingly satisfied with her life today. She only wishes that she "knew about Aware Recovery Care earlier on in her tries to find peace and recovery." 

People Who Have Undergone Residential Treatment One Or More Times And Upon Return Home, Relapsed

► One individual had completed stays at two highly respected residential rehab facilities. Both times after returning home, this person had resumed drinking heavily.

When this client started care with Aware Recovery Care, an Addiction Psychiatrist conducted a one-hour evaluation and, as part of the program of care, prescribed Antabuse to be taken daily in front of the client’s spouse. This immediately reduced tension in their home.

Our Registered Nurse then completed a full medical evaluation in the client’s home, identifying some health issues and potential drug interactions, and began coordinating care with the client’s Primary Care Provider. Our Certified Recovery Advisor (CRA) then began meeting daily with our client to identify goals for recovery and the necessary actions required to succeed. Our CRAs meet with our clients five times a week during the first two weeks, then every other day for the next six weeks, then twice a week, and finally once a week for the remainder of the client’s 52-week program. Lastly, our client also started twice-weekly sessions with the Licensed Therapist that Aware Recovery Care recommended and who has a strong track record of helping newly sober people.

The client consented to our GPS tracking system and to supervised, random alcohol and drug tests three times a week, providing documentation of his compliance with our program. This program helped begin to restore trust with family members. The client, the client’s spouse, and the client’s parents have all expressed their gratitude for the client’s progress. The parents told us, "I often told my son while in active addiction that I wanted the old [person] back. Aware Recovery Care delivered on that promise and so much more. They gave me my son back."

A Year in the Life of an Aware Recovery Care Client