Aware Recovery Care-In Home Withdrawal Management (IHWM)

Individuals currently dependent on alcohol, opiate, and or benzodiazepines are likely to require detox overseen by a medical professional.  During the current COVID-19 crisis, getting that care is much more difficult. Aware Recovery Care now offers an In-Home Withdrawal Management program - perfect for these times.

What Aware Recovery Care offers?

What is the process:

How Aware Is Managing Clients During this Crisis:

Upon intake, all clients receive a COVID-19 Risk Assessment, assessing both the client and their allies for potential exposure risks. Clients who are not a risk are eligible for in-home visits from our specialized infection control teams. For clients who are considered a risk, Aware Recovery Care offers a virtual visit option, allowing for teams to continue to deliver our program while keeping both the client and themselves safe. All clients, regardless of in-person or virtual visit, will receive a welcome package from Aware Recovery Care, consisting of all the materials necessary for treatment, as well as complimentary hand sanitizer and thermometer. 

Aware Recovery Care has created specialized teams to deliver in-home withdrawal management in the home setting. All teams have undergone extensive infection control prevention training, administered by the Corporate Clinical Director and the Corporate Compliance Officer. Additionally, the teams have received competency assessments to ensure their understanding of universal precautions and infection control protocol. 

All teams have been given the necessary personal protective equipment (PPE) to ensure client and staff safety. PPE consists of gowns, eye wear, masks, gloves, and sanitizing equipment. Our teams have successfully conducted multiple in-person visits during the COVID-19 Pandemic while maintaining the safety and confidentiality of all clients. 

We are here and ready to help any client you have that may be in need.

A Year in the Life of an Aware Recovery Care Client