Recover With A 100% Confidential, Private & Discrete Treatment Program 

Addiction to drugs and/or alcohol often impacts every aspect of a person’s life – their home, their relationships, their careers. For professionals in many fields, entering into treatment can be both complicated and require that unique needs be met.

Fortunately, there is hope. Aware Recovery Care (ARC) has developed an addiction treatment model in collaboration with researchers at Yale that, as reported by Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield*, is producing recovery rates six times above the national average.  We bring this special care to clients in Connecticut, New Hampshire, Southern Maine, and Southern Florida (Palm Beach and Broward Counties).

ARC’s Executive and Professionals Track utilizes an innovative model and follows all treatment guidelines for licensed professionals including Physicians, Nurses, Pilots, Lawyers and C-level Executives and more.

*Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield report by Dr. Stephen Korn to State of Connecticut Opioid Addiction Symposium, October 14, 2016

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People Who Cannot Be Away From Home For Weeks At A Time

► One individual was persuaded by family and close friends that excessive drinking was taking a painful toll on him and those around him and that treatment was needed.

The client runs a busy, successful business and could not be absent for more than a week, so he contacted Aware Recovery Care. An Aware Recovery Care Addiction Psychiatrist immediately conducted a one-hour evaluation of the client and determined that detoxification from alcohol was indicated and made a referral to the detox program at a local hospital.

Following six days of detox, an Aware Recovery Care Certified Recovery Advisor picked this gentleman up from the detox facility and began immediately to work face-to-face with the client to master the new daily skills and habits needed to live free of alcohol.

Our Registered Nurse then met the client at home that same day. She reviewed the client’s medical records, performed a complete health assessment and created a medication plan. At the recommendation of our Addiction Psychiatrist, the client’s medication plan included a prescription for Naltrexone, a craving-reduction drug that has been proven to aid with abstinence. 

Following the RN’s meeting with the client, our Certified Recovery Advisor accompanied the client to a local 12-Step meeting selected specifically for this client’s needs and helped the client plan a weekly schedule of daily 12-Step meetings in the area. 

The client also agreed to use our GPS tracking system and to supervised random urine screens three times a week to document compliance with our program. The client also began weekly appointments with a Licensed Therapist recommended by Aware Recovery Care to address the emotional pain underlying the addiction. 

Having complied with all aspects of our intensive program, the client has seen marked improvement in a range of health issues, from liver function to hand tremors, short-term memory and neuropathy, and is enjoying a new quality of life.  The client told us, “I feel Aware Recovery Care has given me everything I needed to start my life again.  I know that without this program, I would have started drinking as soon as I got home from detox.”  This client completed one year of care with Aware Recovery Care and was continuously abstinent for the full year, as verified by random alcohol and drug tests.

Professionals Who Require Highly Individualized, Private, And Convenient Treatment; While Continuing To Work

► One middle-aged business executive in Fairfield County decided he wanted individualized and effective treatment to manage his addiction.

He searched for appropriate and convenient treatment options and found that they were limited to a traditional inpatient hospitalization which required he leave work for 28-days or an outpatient program in a group setting with a different demographic than his own. Due to the individual's professional commitments, time off for an inpatient program was not feasible. 

He also found that he was uncomfortable in a group setting. The client's loved one saw news coverage of a study showing the effectiveness of Aware Recovery Care and felt a program that can provide a highly privatized, convenient, and effective solution for working professionals right at home might be the answer. 

Since this man was an integral member of his work team, Aware Recovery Care's highly individualized and flexible treatment approach was perfect for his work schedule. Our multi-disciplinary team developed a realistic schedule that allowed the client to participate in his life while at the same time receiving the support needed to recover. 

A Year in the Life of an Aware Recovery Care Client