We Provide Comprehensive Aftercare In Connecticut, New Hampshire, and Maine That Continues The Progress Made In Residential Care

We value the important role that inpatient and residential treatment centers provide within the continuum of addiction services for clients with Substance Use Disorders. 

There are times when Aware Recovery Care clients need detoxification and residential stabilization prior to admission or while they are engaged in treatment with our program. Our clients are sometimes referred for intensive residential treatment stabilization so that they can address clinical issues that may be preventing them from recovery. Additionally, we realize that clients learn many healthy coping and relapse prevention skills in residential care but also need a comprehensive aftercare plan to continue with the skill application process. Research indicates that client prognosis improves greatly if they are in living in a sober, structured and monitored environment for the first year of recovery.  

Aware Recovery Care provides comprehensive aftercare in Connecticut, New Hampshire, and Southern Mainethat will continue the progress your client has made in residential care.  Our year-long home-based addiction treatment program allows clients to acclimate back to life in their home environment.  These services include:

Please contact us with inquiries about how we may be able to collaborate with your treatment program and/or regarding any clients who may an appropriate fit for Aware Recovery Care services in Connecticut, New Hampshire, and Southern Maine.