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Breaking the Stigma | Culturally Relevant SUD Support in the Black Community

In this special episode of the Well Aware Podcast, hosted by Aware Recovery Care CEO Brian Holzer, listeners are invited to join a candid conversation about the challenges surrounding substance use disorder (SUD) within the Black community.

As the host, Brian engages client-facing employees of Aware Recovery Care in insightful discussions about the systemic barriers and historical factors contributing to disparities in SUD treatment and support. Through these conversations, Brian and his team explore the importance of cultural competence in treatment approaches, the need for equitable access to resources, and the role of advocacy in championing change.

Listeners gain valuable insights from firsthand experiences and frontline perspectives, as Brian and his guests discuss actionable steps that can be taken to foster positive change and better support Black individuals navigating SUD. This episode serves as a call to action for listeners to join the conversation and contribute to creating a more inclusive and supportive environment for all individuals struggling with substance use disorder.

Aware guests:
• Tarik Clayton, Client Recovery Advisor
• Cassaundra Bingman, Client Outreach Manager
• Juante Vanterpool, Client Outreach Manager
• Shanelle Houser, Social Worker/Care Coordinator

Topics covered:
• Breaking the Stigma: Discuss how historical and cultural factors have contributed to stigma around mental health in Black communities, and explore effective strategies to combat this stigma.
• Address Historical Trauma in Black Communities: Explore the concept of historical trauma and its impact on the mental health and substance use patterns of Black individuals, and discuss trauma-informed approaches to healing and resilience-building
• Advocacy and Representation in Mental Health Care: Highlight the need for increased representation of Black mental health professionals and advocates in the field, and discuss how amplifying Black voices can lead to more culturally competent and accessible mental health services.

Breaking the Stigma | Culturally Relevant SUD Support in the Black Community

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