Aware Recovery Care Multidisciplinary Team - New Hampshire

Aware Recovery Care assigns each client a highly trained multidisciplinary team specialized in in-home addiction treatment that is led by an Addiction Psychiatrist and includes a Licensed Therapist, a Marriage and Family Therapist, a Registered Nurse, a Family Liaison, and two Certified Recovery Advisors. When our compassion, experience, and knowledges is combined with our expansive network of specialists - lasting recovery becomes possible. 

Corporate Team

Finding a balanced combination of compassion, professionalism, expertise, wisdom, and humanity is not an easy task. Aware Recovery Care as a whole is led by individuals that are committed to make a difference and to save lives by delivering a model of care that is innovative and unique, but most importantly - effective. 

Business Development Team

Our Intake and Outreach Managers handle everything from the first phone call or contact with our clients, insurance verification, to program explanation and business development. The hybrid role allows us to intimately understand our clients' history and needs going forward, while setting the table and allowing us to deliver our highly individualized and private treatment program to the lives that we touch. 

Director of Nursing

Nursing Department

Family Liaison

Lead Nutritionist

CRA Team

A Year in the Life of an Aware Recovery Care Client