At Aware Recovery Care, we realize the cost of addiction rehabilitation care can be a challenge.  That’s why we have worked hard to create an innovative model of care that can be delivered at a cost the greatest number of people in Connecticut can afford. 

To determine whether your insurance provider will cover all or some of your rehabilitation care with us, please call 1-844-AWARERC or 203-779-5799 to speak with one of our Care Specialists. 

What are the options for paying for Aware Recovery Care services in Connecticut?

Aware Recovery Care counselors can provide answers to any questions you may have about payment. Please call 203.779.5799 or click here to email our admissions department. 

Will insurance cover my treatment? 

There is really no easy answer to this question due to the fact that insurance policies and procedures differ greatly. Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield members in Connecticut and plans under the Blue Shield network that are out of state are providing full coverage for the Aware Recovery Care unique program of in-home care. For the out-of-network insurance providers, the client is responsible to pay for the program upfront and then Aware Recovery Care will submit for reimbursement for our services. We have found that some clients have gotten 60-80% reimbursement through their out of network benefits. 

Benefits Approval Process:

Prior to admission, we will verify eligibility and obtain benefit information from your insurance company. Providing a benefit is available for treatment at Aware Recovery Care, our staff works on the client’s behalf to advocate for the maximum coverage allowed under each individual insurance plan. Insurance benefits are available based on your insurance plan’s specific medical necessity criteria being met.

For insurers that Aware Recovery Care is not in-network with, if an out-of-network benefit is available, our staff submits all forms and paperwork on behalf of the client to ensure that they receive the appropriate reimbursement for authorized services without having to worry about extensive paperwork.  

Aware Recovery Care is considered an in-network provider for:

Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield and its affiliates. Affiliates include Blue Cross plans in other states that are accessible under the Bluecard and National networks. Clients should always verify eligibility through Aware Recovery Care staff first, but if there is a little suitcase on your client’s member ID, that’s a good indicator that the plan is portable and can access networks out of your home state.

Aware Recovery Care is considered an out-of-network provider for:

... and MANY more. Check with one of Care Specialists to learn more.

Please call us at 1-844-AWARERC or 203-779-5799 to talk to one of our Care Specialists to learn more. 

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