Your Recovery Team

Your team is in the house- Just not all at once

Our ability to experience the home environment in person helps us understand how best to support it

Throughout their care, each client and their family are the primary focus. Whole-person health for Substance Use Disorder (SUD) requires a full team effort, so that's what we provide. Each client's multi-disciplinary team includes a psychiatric professional, licensed therapist, registered nurse, licensed social worker, licensed family systems therapist, and two certified recovery advisors. 

Teams operate out of dually joint commission accredited agencies and are trained in infectious disease control. Each client is matched with a team of in-home addiction treatment professionals based on history, gender, age, and location. 

The personal component of visiting addiction treatment allows for a level of insight into our clients' lives that is unprecedented. Our teams are armed with the latest evidence-based practices and a variety of technology-enhanced tools vetted throughout the last decade of Aware's evolution. 

Aware Recovery Care teams gently assimilate clients and families into diverse networks of community support where they live. 

Aware clients have access to a care team consisting of:

Aware treatment teams collaborate with external providers. Each of these professionals works with the Medical Director, Clinical Director, and Director of Recovery Services.

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