In-Home Withdrawal Management

Detox in the privacy of your home

Safe, comfortable, and convenient

Those dependent on substances such as alcohol, opiates, or benzodiazepines may require a medically supervised withdrawal. Aware’s in-home detox model, unique training, and flexible treatment delivery ensure your care will be handled competently and confidentially.

Screening: Upon intake, all clients receive both COVID-19 Risk and Medical and Behavioral Health Assessments, reviewing both the client and their allies.

Training: All teams undergo extensive infectious disease control prevention training in addition to best-in-class evidence-based behavioral health care and receive competency assessments of their understanding of universal precautions.

Equipment: All teams are given the necessary personal protective equipment (PPE) as well as mobile technology to ensure client and staff communication and safety. PPE consists of gowns, eyewear, masks, gloves, and sanitizing equipment. 

Aware's In-Home Withdrawal Treatment delivers:

  1. A COVID-19 Risk Assessment at intake.
  2. A customized regimen of medications (MAT) and therapeutics to address individual withdrawal symptoms.
  3. Frequent assessment by a nurse to ensure patients are safe and comfortable.
  4. Protection from the risk of transmittable diseases commonly found in more traditional levels of care.
  5. Aware personnel has protective equipment (PPE)–gowns, eyewear, masks, gloves, and sanitizing equipment.
  6. Behavioral health triage upon the first contact to ensure appropriate care
  7. One-on-one care—no groups, no clinics.

*In-Home Withdrawal Management (in-home detox) is currently being provided in Connecticut, Indiana, New Hampshire and Maine. Please inquire for other safe and comfortable detox solutions available in your state.

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