Recovery for Loved Ones

With the support of family, anything is possible

Watching someone you love disappear into addiction is terrifying. Families and friends of individuals struggling with substance use disorder may feel exhausted, traumatized, isolated, and grief-stricken.

Often, going away to treatment seems like a solution—because the addicted person won’t be able to access their drug of choice and will have distance from life stressors and triggers. But once they’re back home, without support to apply what they’ve learned in real life, staying abstinent is not easy.

At Aware, we walk the path with you. Treatment starts in the home and stays in the home, so your recovering friend or family member can stay on course.

How family plays a role in the recovery process

Families are powerful. As our care teams work to make the home the treatment center, we help our clients’ loved ones identify healthy boundaries and engage the entire family in the recovery process so that everyone can begin to heal.

Our treatment approach is rooted in the idea that when one person in a family shifts toward wellness, everyone else in the family takes a healthy turn as well.

How Family Wellness works

Family Systems Therapy-
our Family Wellness program

When an individual enters recovery, their life begins to change dramatically, and often the family unit begins to change as well. These changes can prove challenging to navigate without help.

As part of our Family Wellness Program, we connect our clients and their families/allies with a Family Systems Therapy professional. These licensed Family Systems providers are chosen based on location, specialty, and other preferences.

Engaging in Family Systems Therapy allows for healing, change, and growth within the family. Participation can include the client, his or her allies in the recovery process, and/or any and all family members.

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