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Let's tackle addiction, together.

You're in the business to improve health—we are too.

As a health plan provider, you connect members with resources to help them become their best selves. For many, this means freedom from substance use disorders. Expand your team to include recovery experts that can make life easier for your providers and healthier for your members.

Offer a game-changing member experience

When a member is ready to seek help for their addiction, the process should be easy so nothing gets in the way. Aware Recovery Care’s trained recovery specialists make it possible for individuals to start quality treatment quickly.

So what does this mean for your members?

1. Quick And Easy Access To Care. Members can call, chat or email a care specialist who will guide them through the admissions process discussing their needs, insurance coverage, and affordability.

2. Team Of Addiction Experts. Members will connect with a care team of experts that specialize in psychiatry, therapy, family systems, recovery, nursing, social work, care coordination, crisis prevention and nutrition.

3. Integrated Healthcare in The Home. Members receive treatment in their home, virtually and in person. Treatment follows a recovery blueprint and can include In-Home Withdrawal Management.

4. Individualized Treatment Plans. Members can live the life they want with hope and better health. From admission to discharge, we offer a full continuum of home-based treatments including continued support after completing the Aware program.

Have clinical confidence

Aware Recovery Care’s one-of-a-kind, accredited In-Home Addiction Treatment model (IHAT) champions the shift in this industry from inpatient to in-home care. High satisfaction rates and awe at outcomes are some of the many reasons health plans have increased coverage to over 14.5M members and counting.

Team up with your peers

Currently, Aware Recovery Care currently serves nine states and growing. Learn more why health plans and members choose healing at home and how they benefit from the outcomes. Together we can stop the revolving door of recurrence.

*Data details available on request. Sources include a) Aware study of Anthem clients from six states b) Kirshenbaum AP, Olsen, D. Bickel W - Substance Abuse Treatment 2009 c) National Institute on Drug Abuse 2018.

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