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Aware Recovery Care Multi-disciplinary Team - Connecticut

Aware Recovery Care assigns each client a multi-disciplinary team that is led by an Addiction Psychiatrist and includes a Licensed Therapist, a Marriage and Family Therapist, a Registered Nurse, a Family Liaison, and a Certified Recovery Advisor. When our compassion, experience, and knowledge is combined with our expansive network of specialists - recovery becomes possible. 

Corporate Leadership

Finding a balanced combination of compassion, professionalism, expertise, wisdom, and humanity is not an easy task. Aware Recovery Care as a whole is led by individuals that are committed to making a difference and to saving lives by delivering a model of care that is innovative and unique, but most importantly - effective. 


Business Office Team

Business Development

Intake Care Specialists

Our Intake and Outreach Managers handle everything from the first phone call or contact with our clients, insurance verification, to program explanation and business development. The hybrid role allows us to intimately understand our clients' history and needs going forward, while setting the table and allowing us to deliver our highly individualized and private treatment program to the lives that we touch. 

Psychiatrists and APRNs

Individual Therapists

Aware Recovery Care encourages each client to meet weekly with a licensed therapist who is a specialist in the field of drug and alcohol addiction. When a client already has a therapist he or she likes, we encourage them to continue to work with that therapist. If a client does not have a one, we help them find a therapist that is a good match for them. If you are a therapist that is interested in working with our clients, please give us a call at 203-779-5799 to arrange a meeting.

Here is a partial list of clinicians that we work closely with:

Addiction Care Coordinators

Aware Recovery Care Addiction Nurse coaches and Care Coordinators are the key point of contact for the physicians and clinicians on the clients team. At Aware Recovery Care, these care coordinators bring a new approach to addiction treatment that combines integrative nurse coaching and traditional medical nursing. 

They are responsible for coordinating care and communicating with all of the multi-disciplinary providers as well as staff members that are working with the client. Theirs is a holistic approach, assessing the client with attention to mind/body/spirit.  

They develop an appropriate treatment plan to meet the clients’ needs as they enter into recovery, and adapt and execute the plan throughout the care term. We focus on understanding client care goals as voiced by the client, making the client a major part of his/her treatment and recovery.

Certified Recovery Advisor Managers

Certified Recovery Advisors

Aware Recovery Care’s Certified Recovery Advisors (CRAs) are each certified by the Connecticut Certification Board, having completed intensive training on how to help those suffering from drug and/or alcohol addiction learn to maintain abstinence, meet goals for their health, relationships, careers, and get more enjoyment out of life. As with everything else, we match our clients with their CRAs by age, personality, and location. Our CRA's come from varying backgrounds including DARC, CARC, CADC, CPRS, RSS certifications to name a few. Disciplines also include life coaches, interventionists, yoga instructors, nutritionists, and various forms of health and wellness specialities. 

Aware Recovery Care is a full-fledged, clinically-led organization whose CRAs undergo a rigorous training curriculum in order to practice with us. Each of our CRAs is required to have the following competencies:

Marriage and Family Clinicians

We are excited to now offer the services of a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist (LMFT) to each of our clients.  The LMFTs are full time members of the team of professionals that are brought together to provide our clients with the best possible chance of achieving sustained recovery. The Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist is assigned to each client regardless of where they live in Connecticut. The LMFT takes on the role of handling any issues pertaining to family and interpersonal relations.  The team at Aware Recovery Care is a firm believer that all of our clients and their families/loved ones can benefit from the help of a skilled and nurturing LMFT. 

Medical Case Manager

 A medical case manager serves as a liaison between a patient with long-term health issues, doctors and medical staff, and the patient’s family and friends. While a medical case manager does not offer medical diagnoses or treatment, he/she does monitor and maintain the patient’s treatment plan to ensure that those responsible for carrying it out are doing their respective jobs properly. 

Family Systems Liaison

Registered Dietician

Advisory Board

Canine Therapy

A Year in the Life of an Aware Recovery Care Client