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Integrated Healthcare Services Agency Director

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Position Summary:

The Integrated Healthcare Agency Director oversees all of the Agency’s Clinical and Medical Services, including I-HAT (In-Home Addiction Treatment) Family Therapy, Psychotherapy and Care Coordination, IHWM (In-Home Withdrawal Management) and MATs. This individual must possess excellent interpersonal communication skills as he/she collaborates with the Clinical and Medical Managers, Medical Director, direct care staff and upper management to ensure a high standard of client care. This individual must also be self-motivated in terms of creating new policies and procedures as needed in order to streamline clinical operations.

Note: All applicants will be run through the National Practitioner Data Base.

Reports To:

Vice President of Integrated Healthcare Services

Duties & Responsibilities:

Required Qualifications:

Key Competencies:

Timekeeping & Punching:

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