Why “Family” Matters in Addiction Recovery

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Working with addiction specialists at Yale and other universities, Aware Recovery Care has developed a novel and demonstratively effective home based drug and alcohol addiction treatment program. 

The program is novel for several reasons – including its home-based approach, its reliance on a team of addiction specialists assigned to each client, and its reliance on technology. 

But perhaps no one thing distinguishes Aware Recovery Care from others in the field more than its focus on working within the family unit to help those trapped by addiction.

What do we mean by working within the family unit?

Aware Recovery Care has developed what’s referred to as a family systems treatment component to its addiction treatment protocol.

Family systems therapy views the family as an emotional unit and uses this concept to describe the complex interactions within each family.   

Families are by their nature emotionally interdependent.  This interdependence presumably evolved to allow families to protect, shelter, and feed their members. Heightened stresses can, however, disrupt these processes and lead to problems.

In fact, symptoms in individuals (including addiction) are often expressions of dysfunction within a family.

As an example, when family members get anxious, that anxiety is often contagious.   As the level of anxiety escalates within the family, the emotional bonds within that unit may become frayed and become far more stressful than comforting.  Often in these cases, one member of the family absorbs a disproportionate share of the family’s emotional burden and begins to feel overwhelmed, isolated, or out of control. 

It’s these individuals that are often most vulnerable to problems such as depression, alcoholism and/or drug addiction.

In light of the family’s importance in any individual’s mental and physical health, Aware Recovery Care assigns a licensed marriage and family therapist to each client’s treatment team. This family therapist works alongside an addiction psychiatrist, an addiction nurse, an individual therapist, and a Certified Recovery Advisor (CRA) to provide comprehensive care where it can have the greatest effect – in each client’s natural environment.

If you or a loved one suffer from addiction to drugs and/or alcohol, Aware Recovery Care is ready to help.  We have the tools and the teams to allow you to take your life back.  To learn more, visit www.awarerecoverycare.com.



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