Drug Addiction, Facts About Addiction, Substance Abuse  |  December 28, 2015

Lot’s going on in the world… strife in the Middle East, international terrorism, and debates in the U.S. about income inequality, energy policy, global warming, racism, jobs and so much more.

Know what topic is taking 2016 presidential candidates most by surprise?

The epidemic of drug addiction that is killing and crippling people from coast to coast.  And that is particularly true in the state holding the nation’s first presidential primary – New Hampshire.

On average – one person dies every day in New Hampshire from drug addiction.  Heroin related visits to emergency rooms have risen by 76 percent in 2015 alone.

Nationally – death rates from heroin use have skyrocketed by 286 percent since 2002.

And now – wherever candidates travel, they are hearing from concerned citizens about the need for action on this front.

The frontrunner among the Democrats – Hillary Clinton - said this recently… “I never expected that substance abuse and mental health would be major issues in my campaign until I came to Keene on my very first trip…”  Another Democrat - Bernie Sanders - is calling for a different approach to the problem – pointing out that simply incarcerating drug addicts is not a solution.  Jeb Bush, Chris Christie and the Republicans are also talking about the problem.  Jeb Bush comes at the problem from a different perspective than most of the others – as his own child has struggled with addiction.

Will any of this campaign chatter make a difference?

Well – it just might.  The fact that drugs and alcohol don’t discriminate – creating addicts from people of all ages, races and walks of life, means that both political parties have to address the crisis.  With any luck – they will also act.