The Great Pandemic and Its Many Impacts

We've written a great deal about how the pandemic is impacting the lives of Americans.

Newly released data sharpens that focus…

And as we reported last week, overdose deaths in 2020 skyrocketed to over 93,000 – an increase of 30% from the prior year.

Tough stats, to be sure.

At Aware Recovery Care, we understand the urgency of this moment. We're committed to changing the trajectory of this unfolding tragedy by changing the face and place of addiction treatment.

Aware provides a best-in-class, in-home addiction treatment program that increases access to high-quality, individual whole-person healthcare. Aware's In-Home Addiction treatment (IHATTM) program is backed by a decade of experience delivering its innovative model while maximizing clinical outcomes.

We help clients "Recover Where [They] Live," emphasizing the home as the optimal environment where clients and families heal together.

Each client receives integrated behavioral and medical health care from a multi-disciplinary team that includes a psychiatric professional, a registered nurse or licensed social worker, a licensed family therapist, and two certified in-home addiction treatment coaches and/or counselors who meet with the client in the home for up to a year. Aware's core treatment team addresses the medical, emotional, and mental health issues required to maintain sobriety and achieve lasting recovery.

And we do all of this by offering each client the possibility of receiving longer-term recovery while maintaining their privacy and meeting their day-to-day responsibilities at work, in school, and with their families.

If you're struggling with an addiction to alcohol and/or drugs and need help in Southern Maine, New Hampshire, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, Connecticut, Florida, or Indiana, the recovery teams at Aware Recovery Care are here to help. Our unique model of care is giving clients a significantly better chance of recovery when compared to traditional inpatient rehab care. To learn more, please contact one of our Recovery Specialists.

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