The Generational Harm from Opioids…

The Generational Harm from Opioids…

Much has been written here and elsewhere about the toll opioids have taken on those trapped by addiction…

More than 400,000 U.S. citizens dead.  Millions more fighting to regain lives free of drugs.

What’s not always discussed is the toll opioids have taken on the children of those addicted.

Two decades into the crisis, the impact on a generation of children trapped in an endless cycle of parental drug use, overdoses, hospitalizations, and in some cases, jail is being examined.  This group of kids has even received the nickname – Generation O.

The picture emerging about this generation shows children – now, in some cases, young adults – who have been deeply and negatively impacted by seemingly endless cycles of abuse and neglect.

Schools across the country are reporting a significant rise in the number of students born addicted to opioids or victims of abuse from a parent addicted to opioids. These youngsters are presenting with a variety of significant mental and emotional problems – including severe learning disabilities, depression, anxiety, and more. 

School administrators are also finding that some of the children from households with addicted parents often arrive at school as early as possible and stay till the last person leaves in an effort to avoid abuse at home.

It’s all very sad – but also inescapably real for these children.

And this is what happens when drug companies seek profit over patient safety.  Drugs known to be unsafe are sold under false pretenses.

And a generation of kids has had to pay the price.

Even with all of this information, an enduring question remains… 

How and why did so many U.S. physicians fall for the marketing claims of Purdue Pharma and others – particularly when the evidence of harm became so inescapable?

That is a question the AMA and others in medicine need to think about very long and hard.

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