From Pain to Fulfillment. Erin William’s Story.

From Pain to Fulfillment. Erin William's Story.

Erin Williams is a project manager at Aware Recovery Care and a great team member. She joined Aware after 11 frustrating years as a project manager for a midwestern software development company. Here is her story in her own words…

“I can’t tell you how much the words you spoke during the recent company-wide fireside chat mean to me, but in the short time I’ve been at Aware, I have come to realize that this job, this company, and this team have saved my life.

Before Aware, I was stuck and sinking in a career I never saw myself in, with a company I didn’t think I could leave, and with a boss who was so mentally toxic. He conditioned me to believe I would never be anything but a terrible hire, never hitting the mark, never on stable ground. No matter the level of dedication, he conditioned me to live in fear for my job–the ultimate message was that I was easily replaceable, and I began to feel that way as a person–my life was replaceable.

For nearly five years, I felt myself slowly sinking into a darkness I never thought I could escape. I was traveling 80% of the time, away from home and family–feeling ashamed of my inadequacy. I found myself sinking into a dark place that only alcohol and darkness could fill–quietly, silently, privately.

Fast forward to the day I received an inquiry email from Tatianna at Aware and then interviewed for a position – that moment, that first phone call, was my catalyst for change. From that day forward, I have felt the light and life come back to me because this company’s work saves lives. I felt my purpose grow again, and I now wake up every single day SO thankful that I can be a small part of the greater mission.

I’ve never shared with anyone what kind of place I was in, and reflectively, I can now say that I was spiraling downward quickly. The things you (Brian Holzer), Shelley Halligan, and Sheila Coleman said (and Steve Randazzo and Matt Eacott before you) during the fireside chat continue to reach me on a deeply personal level. They remind me every single day that I AM worth it, I can make a difference, and I have Aware to thank for taking that chance and helping me find my light again.

I cannot wait to see what the future holds for this amazing organization and hope I can make a difference in some small way!”

Erin, your story is beautiful, and we thank you for sharing it and for giving a part of yourself to our mission. With your support, we are helping thousands of people recover their lives, their relationships with others, and their freedoms. For that, we are very grateful.

If you’d like to explore employment opportunities at Aware, we invite you to visit our career page. If you want to join a team that is changing the face and place of addiction, we very much want to hear from you.