Addiction Treatment Options, Drug Addiction, Facts About Addiction, Outpatient Addiction Care, Substance Abuse  |  October 27, 2016

On Friday – October 14th, 2016, the State of Connecticut hosted a symposium on the opioid addiction crisis in the State.  The event was chaired by the Commissioner of the Connecticut State Department of Insurance – Katie Wade, and featured experts from the Yale School of Medicine and medical directors from the region’s largest health insurers (Aetna, Cigna, Anthem, etc.).

In remarkable testimony before the group, Dr. Stephen Korn, Medical Director for Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield, talked about one drug and alcohol addiction treatment program in the U.S. that is producing results that are as exceptional as they are historic.  And as he put it – “that program is right here in our own back yard, Aware Recovery Care.”

“This data is still preliminary”, Dr. Korn said, “but the data that we have (after 11 months) shows that we are getting success rates that are more in the 60-70% area… compared to traditional residential treatment programs where success rates are usually less than 10%.  We are very happy with what we are seeing with Aware Recovery Care…”

What makes Aware Recovery Care’s drug and alcohol rehab program in Connecticut so effective?

The program’s unique and innovative in-home addiction treatment model was founded on the research supported idea that recovery in the “real-world” leads to far better rehabilitation results.   In fact,

extensive research has shown that receiving medical care and monitored support in the home promotes faster recovery, improves outcomes, and increases the patient’s overall physical and psychological well-being


The Aware Recovery Care multi-disciplinary rehabilitation team for each and every client is led by an Addiction Psychiatrist and supported by an Addiction Nurse, a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist, an Individual Therapist, and a Certified Recovery Advisor ( CRA ). These care-teams are dispatched all over the state of Connecticut to deliver exceptional addiction rehab services in the home.

And the approach is making a very big difference in people’s lives by utilizing a wide range of evidence based practices to give our clients the very best chance of recovery.

If you or someone you know is struggling with drug or alcohol addiction in Connecticut, call a Recovery Care Specialist at Aware Recovery Care.  We are available to help 7 days a week.  Learn more at www.awarerecoverycare.com

Photo credit: frankieleon via Foter.com / CC BY