Drug Addiction, Facts About Addiction, Substance Abuse  |  February 04, 2016

The problems of drug and alcohol addiction are almost as old as humankind.  Sadly  – “advances” in medicine have greatly contributed to the drug addiction problem and brought ever more addictive and dangerous drug options to Americans and to the rest of the world.

Perhaps one of the most chilling bits of U.S. census data is this:  in just the past 10 years, deaths from drug overdoses have jumped in virtually


county in America.

Every county…

The death rate from drug overdoses is now estimated to be 125 Americans each and every day – or 47,000 per year.  That estimate does not begin to count the sharply higher number of individuals and families suffering with addictions to these drugs.

Sadly – this overdose death rate is eerily similar to the death rate from HIV/AIDS in the 1980s.

What drugs lead the pack in causing overdose deaths?  Opioid drugs – including painkillers and heroin.

And making the problem even more deadly – dealers are increasingly lacing heroin with the drug fentanyl – or in some cases selling fentanyl disguised as heroin.  Fentanyl can be deadlier than heroin because it takes much more naloxone, a drug that helps doctors reverse the effects of an opioid overdose, to revive someone who has overdosed on fentanyl.

Why is all of this happening?

Experts have a wide range of opinions on this question.   A leading view ties it all back to aggressive drug company marketing – pushing painkilling meds on consumers – while encouraging physicians to prescribe this class of drugs for an ever widening array of complaints.

Sadly these marketing campaigns have worked… and led to an explosion of opioid painkiller prescriptions.

Another view holds that the rising rates of addiction and drug overdose are tied to declining standards of living in the U.S. and the accompanying despair many workers feel about their place in the world – with despair leading to higher levels of drug and alcohol dependency.

Whatever the reason – the U.S. is on a perilous course – leading bodies like the American Medical Association (AMA) to call for new prescription guidelines and a halt to drug company advertising to consumers.

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