Drug Addiction, Facts About Addiction, Substance Abuse  |  January 07, 2016

As with most diseased states – there is an herbal substance that purports to help with addiction recovery.

It’s called Kratom – and it’s made from a south Asian plant by the same name.

Some believe it’s also a safe alternative for pain relief – one that is safer than opioid drugs.

And in most states, it’s legal to use.

But is it safe?

Addiction specialists say no.

Its narcotic effects are powerful and highly addictive – and it often leads to a cheaper and stronger drug – heroin.

Thailand – where the plant grows – banned its use decades ago amid very widespread abuse.  The U.S. government banned its importation in 2014 though it is still being smuggled into the country from Thailand and other Southeast Asian countries.

And it is readily available throughout the U.S.  Powered forms of the leaf are sold in head shops and service stations around the country and can be purchased on the internet.  And bars selling drinks made from the leaf have opened in states like New York and North Carolina.

Some sellers have even taken to changing the name of the drinks they sell to hide the real name.

In addition to being a highly addictive substance – Kratom has also been linked to seizures and serious respiratory problems.

Will the federal government take further steps to halt its distribution and use?  The Drug Enforcement Administration has been slow to address the problem and the FDA has not taken more aggressive action because the product is sold as a dietary supplement – placing it outside of their control.  But in the meantime, a number of states have banned or are working to make the sale and use of Kratom illegal (e.g., Indiana, Tennessee, Vermont and Wyoming have all banned it, several other states including Florida and New Jersey are considering bans).

So what’s the bottom line here?

There are drugless solutions to chronic pain as well as addiction recovery that are effective and 100% safe.  If you find yourself battling addiction and want to better understand safe and effective options for you, talk to one of the Recovery Specialists at Aware Recovery Care.  We can help.  www.awarerecoverycare.com