Blue Cross Blue Shield of Massachusetts Teams Up with Aware Recovery Care

Blue Cross Blue Shield of Massachusetts Teams Up with Aware Recovery Care

Blue Cross Blue Shield of Massachusetts has just announced a new initiative designed to provide additional support to members living with substance use disorder. The company has contracted with Aware Recovery Care to offer qualifying Blue Cross members a best-in-class, in-home addiction treatment program designed to promote long-term recovery while preventing relapses.

“We’re committed to finding innovative ways to support and pay for substance use disorder care,” said Dr. Ken Duckworth, Blue Cross’s senior medical director for behavioral health. “The COVID-19 pandemic has added new challenges for our members struggling with addiction – we want to do everything we can to make it easier for them to get the care they need.”

Aware Recovery Care delivers an intensive, in-home addiction treatment program for individuals seeking recovery from alcohol or other substances. The program helps people “Recover Where You Live” with an emphasis on the home or transitional living environment.

Each client receives integrated behavioral and medical health direct care from a multi-disciplinary team that includes a psychiatric professional, a registered nurse or licensed social worker, a licensed family therapist, and two certified in-home addiction treatment coaches and/or counselors who meet with the client in the home for up to a year. From in-home withdrawal management to longer-term in-home addiction treatment, the core team addresses the medical, emotional, and mental health issues required to maintain sobriety and achieve lasting recovery.

Aware Recovery Care also offers each client the possibility of receiving longer-term recovery care while maintaining their privacy and meeting their day-to-day responsibilities while remaining engaged at work, in school, and with their families.

“The effectiveness of the AWARE model has been validated by years of patient outcomes and more than 17 quarters of data from health insurers,” said Matthew Eacott, chief operating officer at Aware Recovery Care. “While there’s no one solution for every person dealing with addiction, the evidence is strong that the home is an excellent setting for patients seeking recovery. We are thrilled to be partnering with the innovators at Blue Cross Blue Shield of Massachusetts to help provide the best possible outcomes for their members.”

To learn more about how Aware Recovery Care can help you, please contact our office.