Aware Recovery Care Announces Innovative New In-Home Withdrawal Management Program

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Often the first stage of recovery from addiction involves help with the often challenging symptoms of withdrawal.  Aware Recovery Care is now, for the first time in New Hampshire, Connecticut, and Rhode Island offering that help on an in-home basis.

Here are the details:

Aware Recovery Care In-Home Withdrawal Management (IHWM)

Individuals currently dependent on alcohol, opiate, and or benzodiazepines are likely to require detox overseen by a medical professional. Aware now offers that service in the privacy of our clients’ homes.

What this new program from Aware Recovery Care offers:

  • Privacy: All services provided in the client’s home
  • Safety: When utilizing this new program, clients are protected from nosocomial & communicable diseases – very important in the current environment.  They also avoid the trauma of going to an in-patient facility and leaving families, pets, and friends.
  • Individualized care: each patient is given a unique regime of medications to address the symptoms they are experiencing. Each client is assessed twice daily by a nurse to ensure they are safely withdrawing. 
  • Safe administration of medications in the home monitored by a nurse
  • Virtual visits by in-home addiction treatment (IHAT) practitioners
  • Latest in technology to monitor biometrics
  • The entire program can be done remotely using available technology.

What is the process:

  • If someone needs detox, they can call Aware in New Hampshire, Connecticut, or Rhode Island and speak to one of our intake specialists
  • If appropriate they will be connected to a licensed professional to complete a battery of assessments included a COVID-19 infection control screening tool, an American Society of Addiction Medicine screening tool and other assessments that allow Aware to determine if a client is in need of detox and if IHWM is an option
  • If IHWM is an option, the client is scheduled to meet virtually with a nurse practitioner to be evaluated.  They will then be assigned an IHWM team that will meet with the client in the home, or virtually, to monitor daily medication administration. The client may also be provided a tamper-resistant device to dispense medications.
  • After successful completion client is discharged into our 52-week in-home addiction treatment (IHAT) program, which can be managed virtually. 

If you are struggling with an addiction to drugs and/or alcohol and need help with any aspect of care in Connecticut, New Hampshire, Southern Maine, Rhode Island, Massachusetts, Florida, or Indiana, the recovery teams at Aware Recovery Care are here to help.  Our unique model of care is giving clients a significantly better chance of recovery when compared to traditional inpatient rehab care.  Contact us to learn more or to talk to one of our Recovery Specialists.