Aware Recovery Care and Speranza Therapeutic Partnering to Offer Medication Free Opioid Detox

Aware Recovery Care is now partnering with Speranza Therapeutics to offer clients a medication-free option for detox from opiates.

S.T. Genesis™ is an FDA-cleared Percutaneous Nerve Field Stimulator (PNFS) that supports the reduction of opioid withdrawal symptoms through mild electrical stimulation to branches of cranial nerves V, VII, IX, and X as well as the occipital nerves.

The device administers this electrical neurostimulation treatment by sending gentle electrical pulses emitted through tiny needles strategically positioned in the ear.

Once the device is attached to the ear, the therapy begins and continues for a maximum of 120 hours. Each patient’s treatment is determined by frequent measurement of Clinical Opiate Withdrawal Scale (COWS) feedback until the opiate cravings have subsided.

This therapy creates a path from successful detoxification to complete recovery through a non-invasive intervention directly targeting opioid withdrawal symptoms.

Aware Recovery Care is now offering this treatment option to clients in Connecticut, allowing them to use this therapy safely in the comfort of their own home.  To learn more, contact us at 844-292-7372.

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