Addiction Treatment Options, Drug Addiction, Facts About Addiction  |  November 21, 2016

According to the U.S. Surgeon General’s most recent report, 21 million Americans are currently battling with substance abuse.

That’s more people than are currently diagnosed with cancer in the entire country.

Fifty thousand Americans are dying each year from drug overdoses – considerably more than the approximately 32,000 who die each year from car accidents.

And yet, sadly – only approximately 2 million are seeking treatment for their problem.

How is that possible?

It appears that part of the problem is tied to the fact that many don’t think drug addiction rehab programs work.

And there is good reason for that.

Historically, 10% or less of those seeking addiction rehab support successfully recover.

Much of the reason for the failure of many drug rehab programs is tied to the model of treatment used.  Most models treat drug addiction as if it is an acute health problem – like a severe infection.  Treating addiction in this fashion is a bit like treating diabetes with ice water.  Failure is the result.

Increasingly, addiction specialists from around the world are recognizing that drug addiction is a chronic disease requiring a complex set of treatment tools.

Aware Recovery Care in Connecticut has taken a very different approach to addiction rehab treatment – and it’s producing recovery rates more than 300% above the national average.

Aware Recovery Care’s unique and innovative in-home addiction treatment program was founded on the research supported idea that recovery in the “real-world” leads to far better rehabilitation results.   In fact, extensive research has shown that receiving long-term medical care and monitored support in the home promotes faster recovery, improves outcomes, and increases the patient’s overall physical and psychological well-being. 

By deploying a multi-disciplinary rehabilitation team armed with the very latest technological tools – Aware’s recovery teams are changing the way addiction is treated.

If you or someone you know is struggling with addiction, visit www.awarerecoverycare.com  or call us at 1.844.AwareRC today.  We are ready help.