Learn How Other's Feel About Aware Recovery Care's Drug and/or Alcohol Addiction Treatment Program

This program has truly helped me to change my life...

"I knew my alcoholism was totally out of control and I was unable to recover on my own. Because I could not afford to be out of work and enter a rehab program, I began my search for help. I found AWARE via the internet and called. Within a few days I had an appointment and a plan. Not only did I have a team of professionals helping me along, they became my only ally in this disease. By having the ability to recover in my own home PLUS have the accountability on a daily basis with my team, urine samples and the breathalyzer I opted to use to keep myself accountable, I was able to keep generating a paycheck and get better.

There is no doubt in my mind that I would not have been able to “just” go to AA meetings on my own and recover. I needed help, I needed someone to care and I needed to be able to prove to myself and others that I was alcohol-free. This program has truly helped me to change my life. It was a monumental effort on my part to make this decision and keep to it, however without the support of my team, the helpless feeling would have never gone away.

I have just passed the 8-month mark and am eternally grateful to all of AWARE for enabling me to take this difficult journey with their support." -- Annie P.

You guys saved my life in many ways...

"I just wanted to Thank You so very much for all of your efforts to help get me better and for being there for Jon.  You guys saved my life in many ways.  The team you assembled for me is awesome and so supportive.  I am committed to being a better mother, wife, daughter, friend, and respecting my body." -- Aware Recovery Care Client

With their help I was able to maintain now more than 12 months clean...

"It’s been one hell of a year. I began my journey with Aware Recovery Care just over a year ago, and not in my wildest dreams did I think I would be where I am today. Like most addicts I was trudging through life, living one high at a time. I did whatever it took to get high; I lied, cheated, and stole to get my drug of choice. I had been a heroin addict for several years before I even heard of Aware Recovery Care. In my heart I hated the way I was living. It wasn’t a life at all, just basic survival and the endless pursuit of my next high. My soul was sick. Eventually I began to look for a way out. The routine of using, being sick, doing whatever it took to use again, only to be sick again, was becoming a nightmare. Add to that the arrests for possession and a beating I took for owing money to a dealer that left me with a broken arm and a concussion I was beginning to look for a way out. Unfortunately the state and society itself seemed more interested in punishing me than helping me. I was told by my insurance that I wasn’t eligible for a 30 day rehab stint since I hadn’t been to enough detoxes yet. In a cruel twist of the knife the only way to have a chance at a 30 day program, the gold standard of drug treatment in the state of Connecticut, was to continue using and complete several more detoxes. With a bit of insurance trickery I was finally able to enter a 30 day program, only to discover that only 1 in 30 people who complete these programs were likely to stay clean. Those were the cold hard facts, and I was to discover that they were quite accurate. I completed my 30 day program and managed to stay clean, for a while anyways. This method of treatment was a one shot deal, learn what you can in 30 days and then get thrown to the wolves. I was going to be the other 29.

By chance my parents saw an advertisement for Aware Recovery Care on the local news one night, ironically enough while I was in another detox. When I came home we did some research on Awares program and made a call. Literally everything else we had tried had failed completely. Detox, inpatient, methadone, suboxone, IOP, etc. Nothing seemed to work. Hearing how one of the founders of Aware Care was an addict with almost an identical story and had used the program himself to kick the drugs for good gave us some hope. Their model for treatment was extremely unique. The year-long program was designed to help you get off the drugs and start to build you back up from the bottom. With each step of the program I recovered some of my life I had once known. I stayed off drugs, started going to meetings and getting therapy to address the route problems that had led me to drugs in the first place. I started volunteering with Autistic children and gave back to the society that I had taken so much from. As I completed each of these goals the sickness in my soul started to fade. Before I knew it I had several months clean and was becoming more and more productive. The team at Aware Care was incredibly competent and cared very much about me reclaiming my life from drugs and alcohol. With their help I was able to maintain now more than 12 months clean. They helped me to find employment and meaning in my life. The Aware Care program was different from anything else available to a person struggling with addiction. Their treatment model was extremely effective and turned my life around. I literally can’t thank them enough. I would say to anyone who is struggling with addiction and considering this route that it is definitely worth your time and effort." -- Jon S.

They gave him the tools to live a fulfilling sober life and in turn, gave us our son back...

"As a clinician with a knowledge of the healthcare system, it was still difficult to know where to turn when we suspected our son was a substance abuser.  Aware Recovery Center stepped in immediately and had our son evaluated by an addiction psychiatrist, who confirmed he was an alcoholic.  We arranged for a leave of absence from his college and his intensive treatment began immediately.  ARC has a "whole patient" approach-they teach the addict/alcoholic how to live soberly in their established lives.  ARC's use of a combination of treatments (disulfiram, 12 step meetings, private counseling), as well as the intensive work with a Certified Recovery Counselor is what makes the difference in their success rates.  From the beginning, our son's goal was to return to college in NY state and ARC worked with him to attain that goal. He is now 2 1/2 years sober and about to graduate cum laude!  I cannot thank Evan, Steve and Chuck enough for their unwavering support of our son and our family.  They gave him the tools to live a fulfilling sober life and in turn, gave us our son back.  We are forever grateful!"-- Father of Aware Recovery Care Client

A Year in the Life of an Aware Recovery Care Client