We Help Our Clients Develop and Master the Habits and Skills Necessary for Long-Term Recovery.

There Is Hope.   Aware Recovery Care Is Producing Recovery Rates 6 Times Higher Than the National Average*

The founders and executives of Aware Recovery Care (ARC) are healthcare professionals who, working with addiction specialists, have leveraged their extensive professional experiences to build a ground-breaking, research tested, at-home approach to drug and alcohol addiction care.   Built on the visiting nurse model, Aware Recovery Care provides a multi-disciplinary team for each client. We help our clients learn the new skills and daily habits they must have to lead lives free of alcohol and/or drugs - in the comfort and privacy of the communities where they live.

Our unintrusive treatment approach provides comprehensive care from a team of clinicians led by an Addiction Psychiatrist, a Marriage and Family Therapist (LMFT), and a Registered Nurse.  Clients receive day-to-day support and guidance on maintaining abstinence and dealing with life on life's terms from a Certified Recovery Advisor (CRA).  Aware Recovery Care delivers unique and individualized face-to-face care, in the client’s own home and community, allowing people to “Recover Where You LiveTM". 

Twenty-three million Americans meet the diagnostic criteria for Substance Abuse Disorder (SUD).  Addiction to alcohol and/or drugs cuts across the entire socio-economic spectrum and is the fourth-leading cause of death in the United States, behind only heart disease, cancer and stroke. In addition to alcohol abuse, the abuse of other drugs continues to grow, particularly among teenagers and young adults.  Large numbers of this group are becoming addicted to prescription medicines, particularly narcotic painkillers, and then transitioning to equivalent street drugs, such as heroin. 

Recent studies by leaders in addiction medicine show that those who can maintain abstinence from alcohol and drugs for a full year gain a much better chance of achieving sustained recovery.

*Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield 2016 data

"At-home treatment shouldn’t be seen as a luxury — it might be the only option for some people. It’s getting sober in a natural habitat—no abrupt transitions, no acclimating to the real world after a stint in rehab. For people who have suffered relapses after returning from residential treatment or those desperate to maintain their job while also being as proactive as possible about getting sober, Aware Recovery Care might be the ideal solution."   You can read our full review at RehabReviews.com.

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